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I'm looking for any feedback on using Solexx as my greenhouse covering. Has anyone used this?

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Hi Sue,  I'm in Bali. I'm considering using Solexx too.  I don't need extra warmth...but I want beauty protection from weather and grasshoppers.  World Traveler

Solexx is produced about four hours north of me. Next time I head that direction I plan on stopping in and touring the plant.


I need the warmth and protection, but mainly warmth.


Been looking for pro and cons but not finding many  -- mainly pros from suppliers...



I'd like to know the minimum size of soleex to make a circle standing up vertically.  They will probably give you some customers that aren't commercial that you can contact.

I wonder if you can paint on it.  What kind of paints?  I can make a area on the roof for a painting.  It is probably expensive since it is double walled. 

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