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Hello Friends

If anybody is interested in buying a solar pump for their aquaponics setup i can provide, my brother in law is a manufacturer of solar equipments and wide range of solar pumps are available including custom solutions.

Please call me at 919311542697 for more details.


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Hi Abhishek, what is the average power cost per kwh this solar pump offers?

I tried sourcing one but found it very costly compared to the power rates we currently enjoy. We would not be able to recover costs even in 5 years, IMO. The solar rates should come much lower and I hope it happens sooner though.


Could you please provide me your requirements, We have solar pumps in 1kw+ capacity which start at around 90K full setup (Pump + Panels + Inverter).  If you have an existing pump we can provide custom solution as per your requirement (Cost would come down ) and also we can get it shipped from South India itself.




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