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I am currently setting up a backyard aquaponics system in Central Florida.  It is a hybrid system with a 300 gallon fish tank and has 32 sq ft of media bed and 32 sq ft of DWC area.  I have an aerator bar from my sump pump to the fish tank.  I am concerned with power going out on the circuit and not knowing it for a day or so.  How long can the fish take it without aeraton from the bar?  Would a solar power aerator be sufficient as a back up to aerate even if it does not pump at night?

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The more fish you have, the more aeration you need.  I killed 95 fish in 24 hours due to no aeration - actually, they may have died in 2 hours, but I don't know..  

Now, I pump both from grid and from solar with solar/batteries backup.  

Even without solar, battery backup is a good thing.  Some have suggested pumping from batteries, with inverter and with battery charger always attached.  Then, when power goes off, pumping continues until batteries are dead. 

Do a search and you should find enough discussion to give you food for thought.

Good luck with your plans.  

They also have battery powered aerators. They detect power outages and start pumping air to keep your fish alive.

Not recommending that brand; just an example.

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