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Is there an app or software for aquaponics??? I'm looking to track our water temp, plant growth, when we planted/harvested,ph levels and greenhouse temps. Any help would be great!!!!

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I believe you can find what your looking for in high end hydroponic controllers.

Sero grow PAC S1 - TDS,PH,temp and more..

Iponic 800 - wifi has a lot of lighting functions that may or may not be of use (very nice)

Grow bot - pricey but nice big claim to fame is it's auto injection system also wifi.

Agrowtek - pro grade, this one is the cats meow...... From my experience it's the best! Look into the GC pro. Be prepared for sticker shock.

Also way back when I started into hydroponics I couldn't swing some of these controllers, (the tec just wasn't there at the time also) so I picked up a server room alert system. Avtech alert system saved me more than once.

Hope this helps and enjoy your grow.

I'm sure that there are others, but this should get you in the right direction.
Awesome will check them out ASAP!

Excel :-) It is powerful and customizable to your needs. 

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