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Now my problem is the clean up? It left bits of charred PVC in the tank. I don't think much if any made it into the grow bed.  But the charred remains are smearing on the walls of the tank. Heater worked well I just stood it on its end and didn't consider the rising heat and any air it might trap. Any ideas on the clean up?

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dump it and start over. pvc already has some chems leaching out of it. i wouldn’t leave the cooked pieces in my tank.

while the tank is empty, you can switch to the thru wall heater.  ...this will make everything mo-betta!

all you need is a 2" uniseal. Brite Ideas has them, i have a few around. good news is the cold season is over in Tx.

order the smaller SS element and the Ranco thermostat and your off to the races.

Lol. I think the heater is done dealing. I was thinking of ways to clean the tank itself.

Mine DIY heater is working fine.  I got Randy's adapter and used 2,000 Watt heater coil. Biggest challenge was building the thermostat.  

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