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Now that we are actually "fished" I guess we are officially a system. So here is an "as built" plan as opposed to the original plan that evolved as we were building.

And here is a slide show of the construction over 6 mos.:

And my photo album will bring it up to date. Thanks to everyone for all your insight on AP:-)

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@Jon, yeah, I think the rules are a bit more relaxed here. Us hillbillies are always up to no good. I can get trout pairs from my nearby farm legally though should the need arise and the desire mount.

@George. Thanks and I left a note on your kale trees:-)

@Alex: I haven't gotten to the spas yet but it is here at least and I have to dig out the front of the GH and build a block or stone wall still. The main house is unfortunately the priority as our daughter is moving down and we need to get out of the cabin soon so she and hubby can move in June 10. Good excuse to get our house finished though. The kitchen alone is 25 x 30 so I may camp in there close to the food until my 20 x 30 bedroom is done. I'm going to get lost in that place after our cozy cabin We still call it our barn.

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