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Hey Guys,

So just starting to notice an issue in my new system.  The system is running off 2 - 20 gal aquariums.  Right now the system has cycled for about 7 weeks and I have 3 goldfish in one of the tanks.  I've got a few plants planted like peas lettuce spinach etc.  I'm noticing small white spots starting to cover my hydroton and the seeds I've planted showing a lot of white cottonie looking mold.  My bell kicks in and drains the system about 1.5 inches from the top however the top gravel still seems to absorb moisture and stay damp and I'm wondering if that's what's causing this.

Any thoughts?  Is this a concern?

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You should do everything you can to drop the level of water in your grow bed. Moisture on the surface will give you problems with mold, algae and bugs. Also get a good amount of ventilation going with a fan.

Sigh.  I figured I'd have to look into that bloody siphon again.  Should have gone with the aphnan in the first place lol.  Alright I'll see if I can't drop it a bit and go from there thanks.

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