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Hi all,


One of the projects on my website ( is to provide a technical resource for people who want to build their own small scale aquaponics system. My objective is to make a system to the following specifications:

  • Compact. The system is small enough to fit on a porch, balcony, or small backyard.
  • Uses local materials. Materials of this prototype can be found at a local hardware store, pet store, and commercial department store (WalMart, Target etc.).
  • Requires minimum tools.

As the system prototype can use a number of improvements, I am posting here welcoming your input.

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Bok choy is the only thing that has grown so far. Spinach and cilantro did not sprout. Anyone have any other vegetable suggestions?

A link to pictures of the young bok choy that is growing in my system is below.

I am having good luck with Chard and Baby Oak Leaf lettuce in my small system. Just started a pea plant that it taking off quick, but I haven't actually harvested any peas yet.

Thanks Cory. Chard and Baby Oak Leaf lettuce: I'll give it a shot.

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