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Small footprint aquaponic system with FT & Sump tank on same level

I found a way to combine the fish tank and sump tank on the same level to accommodate a smaller footprint aquaponic system that can support a 9sq ft growbed inside the same size footprint. Here is a video of just the FT and ST setup, with a testing of the one siphon. I'll be adding a Weir siphon too, so that there will be more than one overflow in operation as a failsafe:

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This is just the thing I was looking for! Thanks for posting this, it's helpful to have another set of eyes out there looking. Sometimes one can get lost in the internet just searching for a simple solution! I am new to aquaponics and just turned my 20 gallon indoor aquarium into an aquaponics set up with 2 small grow beds. I had questions about handling over flow in case of a power outage. Do you have any other plans/idea/links that may help? Would this set up as it is in the video work for that application?

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