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I am confused about the growth rate of my plants. I was told taht they should grow ten times faster than my garden. I am having slower growth than my plants in dirt.


My systems are a 40 gal tank with a raft and 3 lettuce plants with florecent lighting and 1 lg bluegill.

2nd system is 400 gallon multi tank with 5 rafts with lettuce and basil. lighting is hps lighting fish are about 75 med size fish.


3rd is an outdoor 2 barrel system with hydroton grow media, 235 gallon fish tank with catfish about 20 small. ebb and flow with cabbage lettuce and basil.


all 3 have ph in the 6.6 to 7.2 range the tanks all have been up for about 6 months.


I just cant get any faster growth rate like the gardens i see on the site.


Any help please

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Could the temperature be too low?

I am in the sacramento valley. Outdoor tank is 62 indoor tanks are 68 and 73

First of, the promise of gardening "10 times faster" is a statement that probably need to be brought "a little more down to earth". Beware of ridiculous promises like that. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It's science, not a miracle. (although in my mind, aquaponics is the next best thing to a miracle) However, it is supposedly a faster method of growing vegetables. I've heard maybe 2-4 times faster? But that's going to factor in a lot of nutrient and environmental conditions as well. Another thing I wanted to mention; how old is your system? Aquaponic systems take about 6 months to really kick into overdrive. Your bacterial converters will be establishing themselves, and time will only improve that relationship.

I have had 2 of the systems up and running since May. The outdoor one in barrels has been up since july.

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