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... but thrilled that I found you all! Wow. This is a lot of information! I haven't slept in days and just keep reading. lol

So, obviously I'm a newbie. Totally thrilled and excited with the AP idea. I have been backyard, container and square-foot gardening for a long time. We have numerous fruit trees, a lot of veggies, compost, four chickens and not much more room, but I am determined to learn and build my own AP system. Hoping to watch, read, learn, and hopefully meet some of you.

Thanks for sharing all that you all post. :)


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Welcome Lisa. 

Glad to have you here. You seem enthusiastic and you bring good questions to the table! If there is ever anything I can give you a hand with let me know!

Yes, Welcome to the adventure.  We are here to help each other, no one person has all the answers so this is the place.

We all feed each other.


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