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which kind ?


setting up a new system using barrels,  what is the easiest way to set up siphons?  i am familiar with bell siphons,  looking maybe to make loop or U siphons.   I saw a video on youtube on making U siphons but the guy is jittery and i cant understand it.


if any one has a good link to making loop or U siphons,    please add them


I'd like to make bell or U siphons,   dont care for the look of loops all over the place.

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I would just say, if you are planning on doing siphons with half barrels.  It is often easier to do it with the barrels cut round the middle so the beds are round.  If you cut them the long way it can some times be even harder to get the flows balanced for the siphons to work properly.  And you also have to support the barrels more when cut the long ways.


For good info on doing siphons.  I will recommend Affnan Affnan Siphons

yeah,  I have one of his in a system already,  looking for something different i guess.   maybe i should just stay with what i know.

Well there is nothing wrong with experimenting but when it comes to bell siphons, he explains them well.


For a loop or a PVC goose neck or whatever you want to call it siphon.  You just put it together and see if you get the sizes right for the flows to work.

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