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Sorry if this is a redundant post; I couldn't find anything via the "search" tool.

I'm setting up the system and have a choice between one large 1100gal tank, or two smaller 350gal tanks. I have two 20sqft grow beds, plus about six 5ft long strawberry towers, with plenty of room for expansion. The beds are enclosed in a greenhouse; the fish tank(s) will be in a covered shelter at the north side of the greenhouse, but not actually in the greenhouse.

I plan to only do one species of fish--trout. The tanks will cost the same, and the space requirements will be the same. I'm in the northern plains of US, our winters are cold, summers are warm but nights are still cool. It seems like the larger tank would be more temperature stable and would be less likely to stress the fish as the water fluctuates while flooding the grow beds, but maybe that's over-simplistic.

Any thoughts/experience on the subject?


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"Larger tank would be more temperature stable etc." Not over-simplistic, just good judgment. I look forward to seeing how this goes.

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