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I'm more of a lurker and read up on everything since it will be a while before I start a system of my own. When I was browsing over a few fish-food topics and this idea hit me.

Is it possible to use cherry, snowball, yellow, or blue shrimp as live food for whatever fish I may want to grow? I breed a few of those species and use them as live food/snacks for my bettas and they really love them. (it also keeps them from tail-biting and boredom~!)

And no, not as a main diet, but more of a here and there kind of thing~

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I have a bait tank I've just set up.I have minnows ( from our pond), tadpoles, a crawfish, basically whatever my son decides to put in it. I'm going to buy the small shrimp from the pet store to add. When my catfish and perch grow larger I'd like to not have to rely completely on store bought food.
I caught some small shrimp from a pond a few years ago to add to my aquarium. Next thing I know I had baby shrimp!

I don't see why it wouldn't be a good supplement food. But I'm new to AP so someone else may have an educated view on this.
Good luck and please let me know how it went!

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