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Semi-Commercial-Scale Aquaponic System: Any Fish Odor Problems?

I am about to make a pitch to the town's planning team about a small commercial aquaponics system with approximately 10,000 sq feet of greenhouse and 3,000 sq feet to fish tank area.  I know they are going to ask me about potential "fish odor" problems.

Can anyone running a comparable "commercial" size AP system help me understand if this is a potential problem?  If so, what remeditory actions are needed?  



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I been to a fish hatchery here in thunder bay canada. There was no bad smell it was like being at a river that has a waterfall. If you get a bad smell start looking for what is out of balance or the dead fish.

Fish odors will only be a problem if you have regular fish death.  I can walk into my greenhouse and smell a dead fish, even if it's not on the surface yet.

Thanks for responses so far from Robert and Nate.  Just a follow-up. The meeting this morning seemed to have went well. At least they didn't laugh me out of the office. Proposal now advances to the Mayor.  Overall, though, they planning staff was pretty receptive to the idea.

If the fish processing isn't happening on site, then any "fish" odor is a sign of something that needs to be taken care of immediately.  Generally the only thing that smells fishy around my place (though not comparable in size) is the actual fish food.  Keep that well sealed up except during feeding time and fish odors will be very rare.

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