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Selling Art to fund a smallscale aquaponics system for research

I am a 22 year old Process Technology graduate that decided to spray paint after my internship at Georgia Gulf. I picked up the skill after watching skill after watching you tube videos. During my month off of work there was a process of watching two to three hours of how to videos, some Bob Ross, and during breaks paint three to five poster boards. In between those videos I was doing research into designing and building aquaponic systems. It has been a great experience learning different art styles and applying them to my dreams of owning and operating an aquaponics farm. When I was in school at Denham Springs High a course was offered that introduced me to drafting and using auto cad. That is when I was imersed into engineering and design. I plan on taking my degree and education in Process technology and my artistic abilties to build a grass roots movement around a local aquaculture farm/restaurant health and wellness center for Baton Rouge.

This is a small five to ten year dream of mine that I hope blooms into something other than a just a business. I would like it to inspire people to want to have aquaponics farms of their own. During that time I will work, continue my education at LSU to obtain a bachelors degree in some form of engineering /design, and use the funding from my art to act as catalyst for that dream. For each painting sold I plan on attaching a 50% incentive on the sale. Half of the money earned will go to funding the materials and technology needed to get the farm designed, built, and maintained efficiently.

Trying to move into a more sustainable life style is becoming a great way for me to channel my creative abilities. It has made me break out of my shell and start speaking, writing, and doing something about the way we are all currently living. There are so many great ways to improve upon our daily lives, and just as many creative and fun ways to accomplish the goals set before us. There is no possible way I can get this accomplished on my own and never have planned on doing so. Each conversation I have, each paragraph I write, every painting sold will get us all closer to a better future for our community, city, and eventually the world.

I like to think of combining Art, Science, and Spirituality together to create Culture. I think by bringing Artists,Scientists ,and regular people together, we create a new Environment for creativity from both hemispheres of the brain for all to COEXISTS and CREATE. Research and development for the Soul. We need to start viewing Our technology as the Native American Indians viewed the Buffalo. People should be using 100% of the "Animal" we call a laptop or electronic after it has been used for it's intial purpose. We should be Scrapping that old hard drive for the Neodymium Magnets, Pulling out an old alternator and making a Turbine with the used hard drive, and Harvesting the gold and precious Metals from the high tech parts of computers for Profit. We must begin the Journey of understanding how to take all waste and view it as something to use for Science and for Art. Everything is Energy and we need to Learn how to channel all of our abilities at once to manipulate that Force in Order to create a better Future out of our current Chaos.

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle, and Upcycle are some of the most important words we have today. Collectively need to stop using the word "Waste" and replace the idea of trash with the science of understanding Matter. Our world needs more Multidisciplinarians. The only stuff that matters is the matter =].

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