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Hello Guys,

I'm an aquaponics engineer from Hawaii. I have certifications from NOAA and University of Hawaii, completed internship at Olomana Gardens, and have built and designed multiple systems over the past 3 years. I'm in Seattle now and have a small aquaponics business with 7 system accounts so far. 2 Educational and 2 production. I have been searching, and searching hard to find ANYONE involved in aquaponics out here. Industrial Product Videos includes some of the world’s most complex and diverse robotics and machinery, that assist in easing the manufacturing labor. I have contacted ALL of the Aquaponics businesses and systems Ive been able to find and have barely received any responses. I don't know if they stopped their business or just plain do not want to participate in a community of aquaponic farmers, and would rather compete with each other instead of help one another out.


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