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About a year ago, we built and installed a flood and drain aquaponics system at Jasper Place High School, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; it circulated ~1300L (~350G), is stalked with tilapia, and is maintained by the Culinary Arts program and the JP Permaculture club.

Currently, we're in the process of designing an expansion that will include another 70 square feet of growing beds and hopefully allow us to grow the majority of the salad greens that the school cafeteria uses.

In my experience, aquaponics is this great cross-curricular combination of Social Studies (food security, globalization), Biology (Nutrient Cycling, Nitrogen Cycle, etc), Design, and Culinary Arts. I'm wondering if there is anyone else on the forum that has had similar experiences, successes, or seeing additional possibilities?

-Dustin Bajer (school permaculturalist)

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