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I plan to develop commercial saltwater auqaponics system in nj, which I can grow shrimp, I will use seaweeds for removing nitriate.
As 90% shrimp in USA market is imported mainly from Southasia, we often see the report from FDA that these shrimps contain antibiotics and other chemical. There will be good market if I can farm shrimp raised in USA with zero water exchange, no any chemical.

Will be glad to discuss all details with you if you are interested in.

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Did you do this? How'd it work out for you?
I was wondering about a backyard shrimp system. Like just big enough so they won't kill each other. A hobby tank to supply a couple of family shrimp boils a year.

Interested in how your are going to move the saltwater through the system?  If you put it won't that be a problem with pumps being exposed to saltwater causing corrosion?

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