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As I look to expanded my aquaponics system, I have discovered that pumps are on sale here!

The 620 GPH has a max  head lift of 11.5 Ft. I have a friend who is using one in his pond without any problems. Just thought I would share. :)

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I have had a couple of these.  If you use them  buy two so when it goes out you have a spare.   The lift data is not on  the web site but is on the box,  I am going to test the lift because I am going to go to an overhead piping system.

I am using the 1/4 HP pump(68486).  It is lifting almost 20' with no issues.  It is economical to run.

Also, I usually buy the extended warranty and at this price a second pump as a backup.
The extended warranty ($9.95) will get you a NEW pump if it fails within 2 years.
Hard to beat that deal.

The float switch on this pump is great in my sump tank and turns off if the water gets too low and saves draining my system when a pipe leaks etc.

Just be sure they are not "oil filled" as most "sump pumps" are. That oil when it leaks will destroy your system. I stick to pond or water fall pumps meant for "green" applications. Many of us have started out with that sump pump we already had and I for one got very nervous and couldn't wait to replace it. I have replaced many a sump or septic pump over the years as an electrician that had lost all it's oil. In my experience: if it has a built in switch it is probably oil filled. Also look for a small plug on top. They often make it very hard to tell without extensive research. If it is for a sump, they really don't have to tell you. If for ponds, etc. They usually will make a point of NO OIL. Just say'n

Good info, Jim.  

My pond pump has run 77,000 off/on cycles over 18 months with no problems.  Rated 60 watt but actual is about 50.  Quiet One - Llifeguard Products.  

If you look at the link, it does contain listings for sump pumps AND pond pumps. For some reason both came up when I searched, but the focus should be the actual pond pumps, I would never suggest a sump pump for aquaponic use. Also, If you go the individual page for the pond pump you are interested in, you can click on the product description and there will be another link to down load a PDF which lists the head height by pump product number. That is where I found the information for the one I first listed. Lee, Thanks for the heads up on the warranty :)

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