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I went to feed my fish this morning and they were all gone! In total I lost eight goldfish and a plecostomus. My micro system is in the backyard and the tank is uncovered, so it was an easy target. I'm guessing a raccoon was the culprit. He even managed to open the fish food and eat all that too.

Aside from needing some grief counseling, I need to know how long my plants will last without the fish. Should I run out tonight to replace them?

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Sorry to hear about the fish.

From what I have read if your system is cycled you should be good for a few days, but not knowing your set up I am only guessing.  I was reading earlier tonight that if you have any food left you can put the same amount you would have fed the fish for one day  and that should be good for one week.  I have not done this so can't swear, but I don't think you need to rush out right away to get more fish, they are gonna need to acclimate to the tank.

Good luck and again sorry about the fish!

Raccoons are SMART!  I used to have two as pets,,and yes they make GREAT pets but they will get into everything.  Short of locking all the cabinets and drawers there was no way to keep them out of stuff.  Sorry to hear about your fish.  I would just go buy some more and put back into the tank AFTER I build a lid for the tank.  The raccoon will have figured out by now there is a free and easy meal there.

Bob and John, thanks for the condolences. I've learned a hard lesson, a lid is a must! Any suggestions on materials? Plexiglass?

Plexy is expensive, you might look for some type of heave metal screen.

I have used plywood in the past or T-11 board.  T-11 is around $8-$12 for a 4x8 sheet.  Look for 3/8 - 1/2 thick.  I have drilled holes for air circulation. Do not use plexi.  It is good for aquariums but not for outside.  It will raise the water temp during the day but not hold the temp steady at night.

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