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Hello all!

I saw there were quite a few Sacramentans on this forum, thought I'd jump on in.


Mine's a year+ old system, IBC tote fish tank with an SLO draining to my "growbed" and then to a sump below.  It took a good 10-12 weeks to get cycling as I did it over the winter.  Since then Ammonia and Nitrite have behaved themselves and I just let it roll with high Nitrate until I get around to scaling up some more growbed space.

I see lots of forum requests for info on heating systems.  Mine is outdoors, unheated and runs 24 hour circulation through the beds, so there's a big heat sink effect.  The IBC is wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap as insulation, and is covered by a dual pane skylight.

As of our recent winter storms and cold spell, the tank water stabilized at 44 degrees and does not appear to swing from morning to night.

At 44 degrees, I lost a handsome plecostomus but Bluegill and Catfish are all doing fine.


One odd thing I noticed recently...The bluegill had pretty much stopped eating as fall set in and things cooled off.  In the past week or so, their appetites have come roaring back, although the water is still at the 44 degree mark.  Are they responding to the increasing daylight possibly? 


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Hi Nate,

Sorry to have missed this post originally*.  Odd that your bluegill are eating at 44 F.  Mine definitely have no appetite at that mark.  Lately with warmer temps and greenhouse, water is up in the 60's and they are hungry again.

Are you the Nate that Scott Thompson of ReSoil Sac told me about yesterday?  Have we met?  (Forgive my faulty memory).  Hope to meet you (again) soon!


*I never miss anything posted in Sac Aquaponics group here.  I invite you to post a link to this thread there so all your local homies can find out about you!

Paul, good morning.

I did meet Scott from ReSoil Sac this weekend and he was over for a quick visit dropping off 300+lbs of goodness.

Thanks for the tip about linking to the Sac group, will do.

I don't think you and I have met yet, but if there's any interest in another Sac tour, I'm definitely in.

I'll be out and about with Scott and the ReSoil crew this weekend so maybe our paths will cross there.




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