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I have been running my indoor aquaponincs for 6 months and it's not nothing to right home about.

I have an indoors system because i live at 1300meter above sea level in the french alps and out side temperature (example last winter minus 14-24 Celsius for 6 weeks with out wind chill)


5  Koi carp 75mm

7 small gold fish 60 mm to 75 mm

4 large gold fish 150 mm


140 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm water cubic volume.

grow bed 

14cm x 40cm x 17cm

grow bed material

expanded clay 5/10mm



Watering is on a timer 15mins flood on in every hour.

Have the lights on a 14 hour a day?

Added composting worms 3 months ago have not seen any for a long time. (maybe i should add more)

My problem is I have 3 problem.

1. My fish are very nervous and hide away all the time?

I cover the tank for 10 hours in the night to allow them to rest.

When feeding them they feed well but race to the surface and then back to the bottom of the tank.

Feeding twice in the day.

2. I have very little plant grow for the time that they have been growing. 

I Planted the same plant out side in conventional gardening and have out performed the aquaponincs hands down.

3. I have aphids? how do i get rid of them with out killing the fish.

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I grow indoors and I am getting good results with 150w HPS light in a 2ft x 2ft grow bed... you might need 2 for the shape of your grow bed. I am sure that your outdoor plants will do better because they need the Suns light, not an LED. Also, Reports of shy fish are pretty common.

Ladybugs work great for aphids here is a link to mailorder some There are a few organic recipes for sprays that will kill the aphids online also. If you have tried the same plants outside and they have done better my guess would also be the light. It seems to me like you should be cycling the water more often. Are you changing the volume of you fish tank water through your plant beds ever hour?

How is your water chemistry? How often are you testing it? What are your levels?


I haven’t grown anything for eating with grow lights but I have had a live planted fish tanks for about 15 years and It looks like your lighting is really the culprit here for not having any great plant growth, thus you plants are weak and the bugs love weak plants for food. In my planted fish tank I used full spectrum fluorescent bulbs to give the plants all the light they needed and from what I see with your leds lights its not enough.

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