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Before erecting the greenhouse I'd prefer to have the support systems thought out and installed if they take up so much room i need to install them before the greenhouse goes up.  Been looking at rocket stove and rocket mass systems - efficient, don't take up that much room, and the mass can be used to hold things like tanks up with the added bonus of holding heat when the stove goes out.

Has anyone tried this yet, what are the pros/cons - or are we on new territory (doubt this muchly)?

We are looking at about a 20x30 greenhouse.  This may be the wrong forum to ask about recommended sizing, but does anyone here know where I could find rough efficiency and sizing calculations?

I'm the nuts'n bolts guy, my wife Kim Lewis is the stuff that grows part of our team.

Crossposting to the newbie group as well.

Dave Jersey

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I've also been thinking about doing a setup with a rocket mass system. has a lot info on them.

Please keep us updated on how your build goes!  George this addresses a concern I had about what happens to the ash created from the stove.  good info!

There have been several people on the forum that have used the rocket mass heater.  The major drawback is the amount of attendance needed to keep it going.  There are a few out there that have converted them to a pellet feed system and that helps out some.  There is a lot of info and experience with this technology.  Keep looking and you will find all that you need to get it up and running.

Va shouldn't be as much work as CT where Rob is but someone still must do a burn on all the really cold days.  If you choose your fish well, it could reduce burn days and burn times.

I will be adding one to my green house when we build this fall. A trick I have learned from friends who have one in their house is to get it burning nice and hot and fast, then it gets to a temp that the cob or brick will hold as a radiant heat source. So they dont need to constantly feed it.

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