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Hi i was trying to find a good system to buy that's not to expensive but something that is worth buying.


if anyone knows of any other deals let me no, i saw some good ones i this site. but i don't know how big of a system i will need.


i have a bout a 200 gallon  FT and a 75 GB. ( i wanna use the water for topping my aquaponics system)


I also do want to drink it and i drink alot of water, im sure its way better then tap water of frig filter water even bottled water most of it comes from RO systems.


so how big of a RO is enough to get.


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Spectrapure, vertec, and bulk reef supply all make good quality RO units. The up front cost is usually pretty low compared to the cost over time of replacement filter cartridges and wasted water(RO systems waste A LOT of water). So if you are serious about buying a RO unit go with a high quality brand. It will be less likely to break and more importantly less likely to leak.

I would not use RO water in my own system unless my water source has elevated salinity levels or is highly contaminated. You also shouldn't be drinking RO water unless you are using it to make juice etc. RO water is void of electrolites and will actual remove electrolites from your body.

As an alternative look into installing a "buffer system" for your topoff water. A living machine or eco-machine (google it) can be a great way to filter water for your system. Instead of using a wasteful, energy intensive, physical and chemical dependent filter, an eco-machine uses biology to to do the work.
thanks so much im going to look into that right now :)))

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