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Hey, I was wondering, does anybody know of any good informational resources for raising catfish? Especially if they are resources that you've used yourself and found helpful. I've been thinking about adding catfish as an addition to my system.

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 You might find valuable information in the Catfish Growers group.

Lol, thanks Glenn. Didn't think of that :/

I killed mine.  How can I help you?

It was a timer mishap, actually, but for the year I had catfish, they got the same care/food as my bluegills and did well.  I plan to get more.

I have 17 black bullhead in an IBC tote. Once I cleared the system of ich brought in by some purchased channel cat (I killed off all the fish and left it for a few weeks), the bullhead have been user-proof and very easy. They have grown from around 5-6" at the start (I caught them from a nearby lake), and they are now mostly well over a pound (a couple of runts, though). They seem very tolerant of cold water, too--it hurts to put my hand in their water right now. I highly recommend them on those criteria. I expect them to be very tasty as well, but I won't be harvesting unless the nitrates start to climb.

bullheads - I like that idea

Aloha Alex

Search "SRAC" on Google, that is the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, and they've got TONS of free publications on breeding, spawning, feeding, raising, and marketing catfish. Aloha, Tim Mann, Friendly Aquaponics in Hawaii

Thank you all!

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