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Hi, has anybody used R-TECK's Expanded Polystyrene boards? If so - any comments.

DOW "blue board" does not seem to be available here in Humboldt county,CA.

Thanks for any help in advance......Herb.

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According to Insulfoam's MSDS sheet it is comprised of the following:

(The MSDS sheet which I'll link, is divided into two main categories, Non-Hazardous Components and Hazardous Components. On the Non-Hazardous Components side we have)...

Polystyrene CAS# 9003536  <92%

(Then on the Hazardous Components side)...

Pentane      CAS# 109660                         <2%

Polymeric film (no CAS registry # is given)   1-3%

Bromine Flame Retardant CAS# 3194-55-6 <1%

Incidentally CAS# 3194-55-6 is registered as Hexabromocyclododecane. And is the very chemical being banned globally.

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