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In Murrary's  video he talks about quick connect PVC connectors so that thing like the pump and other items can be removed easily  for cleaning.  I have not been able to find any such connections, does anyone have a source for these in the US ? 


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If you are in the US or Canada they are refered to as quik cuoplers and as far as I have found they are primarily used on tractor-trailors for the air system. they come in plastic and copper. The copper is getting harder to find due to cost I think. The largest I have seen is 3/4in. but you can order them for the large siezes, but it might take the Tractor- trailor shop time to get them. I hope this is helpful.

Any suggestions on what kind of pipes and hoses are safe for aquaponics? I'm in Los Angeles county and have access to Lowes, Home Depot, that type of stores.


TCLynx said:

I've used a little flexible pvc.  Just beware that the black stuff doesn't have a potable water safe certification and the white stuff probably won't stand up long to the sun.  And the plasticizers that make PVC flexible are some of the ones that, though they may be technically "food safe" they are also some of the least desirable things to have leaching into your food supply.

The regular ridgid PVC pipes like for drinking water are just fine and readily available at lowes and home depot in all the smaller sizes.  It is only when you get into large gravity drains that you might need to make some harder choices.  I've used plenty of 3 and 4 inch sewer pipe for drain lines though.  I try to avoid the foam core stuff where I can.

Thanks for the reply. That will make it easy then.

I got a laguna 600 off amazon at a pretty good price and the cool part is that is comes with a quick connect fitting. Not sure the model number but I could get it for you if you need.
You could probably check with laguna website and seeif they sell just the fittings.

Not sure if this is the official manufacturer website but i think that might have what you need...

I have a 100 gallon FT, two 50 gallon GBs, and one 40 gallon sump tank.  My pumps from the fish tank work on separate pumps (one for each GB).  One pump floods one grow bed for 15 minutes and then is off for 30 minutes.  When the first pump cuts off the second pump from the FT cuts on for 15 minutes and then is off for 30 minutes.  The pump in the sump tank is left on continuously pumping water back to the FT.  This setup works fine for about 2 hours but eventually the sump tank floods.  Any suggestions for how to fix this problem?  Right now I feel like I may have to redesign my system for the GBs to gravity drain back into the FT; however, by doing this I lose a lot of grow space as my basement is on 7.5 feet tall.  Plus, I really don't want to have to buy two more Rubbermaid GBs since I've already drilled holes in the ones I currently have.  I've been working on this system for 3 weeks and am anxious to get it cycling.  I've attached a pic for anyone's interest.  Last, I was using a float tether switch in the sump to turn the pump on/off, but my sump isn't deep enough so the tether switch did not reliably cut the sump pump on/off.  Thanks for any advice anyone can pass along.

Look up CHOP Mark 2

I think it's slide 8 has a diagram to give you and idea.

Take the pump out of the fish tank.  Plumb in a SLO drain from fish tank back to sump tank.  Put all pumps in sump tank.

Pump from sump up to grow beds and fish tank at same time, everything drains back to sump tank.

If your sump tank still doesn't have enough capacity, adjust your grow beds drains so that they never drain all the way and always have a few inches of water in the bottom so that your sump never needs to handle that extra capacity again.

There, you get to leave the grow beds down where you have enough overhead space for plants and all you are really changing is the plumbing between the sump and fish tank and you will probably get to loose one of the pumps as well.  Save it as backup.

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