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In Murrary's  video he talks about quick connect PVC connectors so that thing like the pump and other items can be removed easily  for cleaning.  I have not been able to find any such connections, does anyone have a source for these in the US ? 


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Well there are Union Connectors that you can get at the big box stores.

Or there are those rubber couplers with the hose clamps that allow you to take apart the connection.

Then there are those repair couplings that have the gaskets and screw on ends to compress them but they are only good up to a certain pressure.

I've used any one of those three options in different situations.  I tend to use the rubber couplers for the 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" and larger stuff since they seem easier to find for the large stuff.  The union connections are easy to find for 1/2"-1 1/2" and come in either slip or threaded versions, they are basically a coupling that can be take apart.  And the repair couplings work too for low pressure.

Thx all 

I was looking for the ones that Murray had in his DVD,  they had a clip that you slid up or down to connect or remove, seemed real easy to use.  But these type of connections should work just as good. Thx 

One other question.  does anyone use the flexible PVC  or do you all just use the rigid PVC pipe 

Thx again for all the good advice 

I've used a little flexible pvc.  Just beware that the black stuff doesn't have a potable water safe certification and the white stuff probably won't stand up long to the sun.  And the plasticizers that make PVC flexible are some of the ones that, though they may be technically "food safe" they are also some of the least desirable things to have leaching into your food supply.

Yeah, phthalates (the most common plasticizer for PVC made largely by Exxon Mobile) have been banned/restricted here in the E.U for about 5-6 years now. There are very few if any U.S companies who are voluntarily phasing out there use (at least last I checked). Those substances have been linked to a lot of really nasty stuff, from endocrine disruption, liver cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer, hormone disruption, various birth defects etc...

Unfortunately phthalates were (and still are in some parts of the world, like America) used in all sorts of things, from blood/plasma bags at the hospital IV tubing, respiratory tubing, to childrens toys, personal care products and everything in between...I don't know if you care about this sort of thing or not, but personally I would avoid flexible PVC in the U.S or purchased for the U.S market for sure. 

Their leaching is a well documented phenomena. Apparently there is no covalent bond between the phalates and the plastics that they are mixed with so they leach out into the environment (in this case your system i.e food). Don't mean to scare you, but... pretty bad stuff. Surprised that Monsanto weren't the ones who came up with this one :)

Great input, everyone. I’m enjoying this discussion...


Thx for this great input.  Did not know this about flexible PVC, so I think I will stay away from it.  

Thx again for all taking the time to answer my questions 

The items in the videos are Flow-Rite Qwik-Loc ( Took me half of forever to find these. After costing these out I've decided to use PVC for the horizontal ground runs and PEX with crimp rings for the vertical runs (to the beds, for drains, etc.). 

Beware that PEX won't hold up well in the sun.

They'll be in a greenhouse and nearly all of the PEX will be in shadow either under the GB's for the drains or on the north side of the GB's for the feeds. This should be OK, yes?

I might recommend adding a bit more protection for the pex since it will likely become brittle with time in UV.  I haven't actually used any PEX for anything myself but I do know I always hear it is not for use outdoors where it isn't covered or buried.

I have experienced using some polypropylene out in the sun uncovered and it become incredibly brittle (like breaking potato chips) after only a matter of 4-6 months out in the sun.  (shaded by plants.)

Sea Green, thanks for the link. I also did a search after viewing Murray’s vids and couldn’t find those connectors either. Does anyone reading this post use them or recommend not using them?

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