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Hi there. Pretty new at this. Have a IBC system and just started cycling my water a few days ago. Washed the clay pebbles until the water ran clear, however, there seems to be a fair amount of dust on the bottom of the tank so I assume it wasnt rinsed enough. Is the dust harmful?

If it is harmful is there any way to get it out without draining the water and starting again? Thanks for your help

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The dust isn't harmful. How thick is the dust layer?

very thin on the bottom of the tote.  It is not a heavy accumulation but certainly noticeable against the white bottom of the tote.  I was concerned it would affect the quality of the water and/or be harmful to the fish when i add them.  

thanks for responding.  Any advice is appreciated

If  annoys you enough, you have a couple options. Easiest would probably be to use a length of hose and start a syphon and suck out the dust from the bottom. You would lose a couple gallons of water.

Another way would be to go to an aquarium store and buy a micron filter sock. Something like this (link to amazon). Put it over the pump output, or over the drainpipe from your grow  bed. Then stir the dust up so the filter sock catches it.

It can also  be nice to have a micron filter sock around for when you're mucking around the grow beds stirring up muck.

Scott, both excellent methods.  Appreciate the help.  I am excited with my first attempt!!

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