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Hey Everyone,

I am doing a research project on behave school about the validity of an alternative agriculture system as a means of supplementing produce in an institutional setting. I am exploring Aeroponics and Aquaponics. I will be presenting my findings in march at a local conference.

 I am looking through Google scolor but am wondering if anyone here has any links or areas to find quantitative data studies that i could use to estimate system size needed and other costs associated with a project of this size.

I am looking for actual research studies, not just personal experiences, although i would love to hear what some people have. I understand that this is subjective but I need data estimates to back my other research. 

If anyone has any good sources i would love to hear them.

I am doing it off of my schools cafeteria, I go to Wilkes university. there is about 1200 students served a day.



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To help your search, look up the University of the Virgin Islands Aquaponics research station and you might also be able to find some information through The Aquaponics Journal.

Unfortunately there haven't been very many large scale aquaponics operations running for long enough to get a large number of research studies yet.

There are few true data plots out there that you don't have to pay for.  Lennard, Rakocy, and perhaps Price might have the only data sets I know of.  I believe that Nate Story (Wisconsin), Jermey Pickens (Auburn), and I are looking a system ratios.  I am hoping to pull in a grant aimed at backyard systems for the summer, but currently am working on large flow through systems.  We have numbers but they are not published yet.

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