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Hello Everyone!

I'm yet another person who has recently discovered - and decided to actually try - aquaponics! (I'm also glad to see I'm not the only newbie here.        )

My question for you seasoned pros is this: I am currently in the process of designing my small aquaponics setup (I'm only looking for a 30 gal fish tank at the moment). I live in the Upper-Midwest and, due to the weather, I need to put it in my cellar - so space is an issue. My thought is that a PVC system winding downward, in a "tiered" fashion, would suit me fine; but does the PVC piping work better or worse than the grow bed?

I really look forward to everyone's input. Thank you so much for your time!   

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Hello, my thoughts are that either will work however in a space limited situation, I would look to use all of the space between the floor and the ceiling and would go with pvc.for the bulk of it and then use a grow bed for plants requiring deeper root zones.   just my thoughts. 

Hello Caroline, Thank you so much for your thoughts. That means a lot to me. I really want to do this right, so I'm very glad to have help from others who have the knowledge I do not. Thank you again!

Hi Justin and Friends,

Have You thought of using vertical tubes, ala Bright Agrotech, . That way You can add and remove tubes to manipulate plants.  You will have to make some arangement for lighting.  I think that will be the most expensive part of Your system.

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