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I am using a timer from HydroFarm  (TM01015) to control my Pond & Media Bed pumps.

Specs - 125VAC 60Hz 15 Amp 1725W Tungston & Resistive Loads 1/2 HP (Indoors)(E218111?)

This timer controls two outlets and can be programmed to turn on or off a maximum of 8 times for every 24 hour period.

My Flood & Drain Media Bed fills in approximately 5 Min. and empties in about the same. I would like to be able to control in 6 minute segments, or 6 Minutes on 18 Minutes off.

I am also interested in controls which would allow me to adjust my flood duration based on Temperature and Humidity levels.

I am interested in the use of Micro-Controlers as well.

2012-09-16 Continuing - I was dissatisfied with the limitation to 8 control times so I went native.

I connected 3 timers (see above) with the outputs in parallel (caution do not cross the wiring) and programmed the timers to each control an 8 hour period with the result being that I can now control 24 events per day which allows me to split each hour for any fraction of that hour. Its not as neat as I would like but I got er done with less than $60.00 out of pocket. I used one of the spare outlets for a night light which I can tell at a glance if the pump has power or not.

This timer also allows each hour to be separately programmed for numerous combinations of days of the week.
















Note Timers are rated indoor only so I will have to get a NEMA box for protection.

A caveat - Tying the outputs together is not SOP to say the least. I was very careful to make sure two timers did not turn on at the same time, so I did not test in that regard. I did not open the boxes so I don't know what might feed back through the timers in that event.

I have a better arrangement but need to make a couple of parts first.

See attachment photos

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Bob Campbell said:

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Thanks Bob  I think I found what I need a 50 sec repeat timer


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