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I need help!  6 weeks into the project and I have ruined 2 pumps already.  First was a small 400 gph aquarium pump that aspirated a hygroton ball and died.  Last night I found my 1/6 hp sump pump choked with debris and it could not be revived either.  I am OCD enough that I usually have a back-up ready (another 1/6 hp sump)  

I would like advice on what pump will move the water, not clog up and be able to grow to a larger system when I move into a greenhouse this fall.



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Yep, that is where I looked to see if they had them in stock. (of course the last time I had checked and they web site said in stock but when I showed up to pick up the pump, they didn't have them and offered a different pump. I'll try again.

Greg Hershner said:
TC, I'm glad you mentioned the 'quite one' pumps. They do look really good on the power.
I was thinking about getting one of the Danner mag pumps. But, it looks like the ones you mentioned may be a little better on the 'electric consumption' and slightly cheaper in cost too.
The only thing I see as a real difference is the warranties....Quiet ones have a 1 year, Danners have a 3 year.

LOL....if you look at the 'quite ones' pictures on-line (or in the catalog), they show the 'clam basket' set up I use for protecting my pump(s) on the smaller picture....
I've used a number of pumps. I'm really happy with some of my hardware store specials- I've used some Wayne sump pumps for years and they've worked really reliably. Anymore I keep them for backup and use field wired Jacuzzi pool pumps (Although I do have large systems [smallest is 2000 gal.]). they come in a variety of sizes from 3/4 hp to 2 and 3hp units and have great skimmers that catch all of my fingerlings for "relocation." (Skimmers are awesome for catching straying media too.) They aren't the most energy efficient, but their quality and lifespan makes up for extra energy consumption. (they last for years). you can wire them 120v or 240v if you want- which is really nice. I've also played with a number of inline 12 and 24v pumps run off of solar panels- these are generally more trouble than they're worth. . . I do like mag-drive pumps but they can be pricey for output. Another option is using neoprene impeller inlines. They don't usually last as long, but you can replace the impeller every now and then, and because it's nice flexible neoprene it gets torn up instead of your motor. You should always have some kind of screen, catchment or skimmer before your pump though. I really really love skimmers.

The newbie here is a bit confused?

If you are filtering your pump, doesn't that defeat the whole fish nutrient rich poo to the plants? I thought the point was to deliver all of that good stuff to your plants and by sticking a filter on your pump I would think you minimize that? Please explain.

I am looking at this pump as a option because it has a magnetic impeller and a flow rate that is more than I currently need

or would something like this one be better for my fish tank since I will be using no sump tank?

Thoughts and comments are always welcomed... Thanks.

Bob, you don't want a filter down in your fish tank but you need some sort of grill or basket or something to keep fish and leaves from getting into your pump and catching in the impeller.  You want the fish poo to get to your grow beds as you say.

The Danner MD7 would work for you (that is the pump in the links) but if you are trying to minimize power I might also recommend the Quiet One 4000 which will give you more flow for less power. (I don't like any of the quiet one's larger than that though and for the larger things I have been using the Danner pumps for for small flows the Quiet Ones seem to be pretty good.)  some of my pumps

Quiet One pump curves

I went for a pond pump. They come with a built in screen and are made to handle debris in stride. Also if you use a sump none of those items should ever get in there in the first place. One of many reasons I went with a 275 gal sump. Hate to hear you lost those pumps. My 1000gph pump has a 3 yr war (70.00 del) so I expect to get years out of it. I have 2 "utility", power hogs for back up tho. Also make sure you put a shut off float in there in case you ever have a major leak as that is the top reason to burn out a pump. Available at any plumbing supply for septic pump stations. My 2 cents worth.

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