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Greetings. Just as an FYI, we have just completed primary construction on our most recent middle school aquaponics system on a local Native American community near Phoenix Arizona. A modified floating bed concept, it will work in concert with the schools 1/2 acre garden outside of the greenhouse to provide food and educational opportunity for the children. Currently the curriculum plans includes teaching aspects of aquaculture, agriculture, biology, zoology, botany, chemistry, mathematics, business, nutrition and more. We were also honored with a visit from tribal education officials last week (Photo).

As you see from the photo, the air and recirculation systems are fully operational but we have yet to start drilling the holes for the net pots. That comes next week.

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Is this a continuous flow floating raft system without a sump?

Greetings. Continuous flow yes. For educational purposes we can vary the recirculation rate from 0 to 600 gallons per hour. Are you referring to a sump or a clarifier? The system is designed to add two clarifiers if needed but we wanted to see how it would work without it or them at first. The bottom is also sloped to a "sump" on one end to capture plant debris and etc.

Dr. Brooks,

This so great! I'm planning on talking to my kids school next year and see if they will be interested in learning about aquaponic gardening.

Please befriend me, I have some questions on starting a co-op and what to do about zoning regulations and the such...THX 

Hi Maynhia. Done. Look forward to talking to you.

This is such a beautiful way to teach children a variety of subjects in a very practical and "fruitful" way! So good to see it done. I just provided fish for three schools down in the Tombstone/Benson area. They're planning systems for their earth science classes, but as you noted, so many other subjects can be taught through aquaponics.


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