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Hi, I was wondering what type of fish feed can be produced to feed fish for an aquaponic setup. I know of algea, duckweed, worms, BSF larvae. But I would like to also know what types of fish are specific to what types of feed? For example goldfish will eat duckweed, but what fish type will not eat duckweed?


I am Most interested in:




crawdads/ crayfish



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Hi Carey,

It's been almost a year! =) Enquiring minds want to know about your efforts!

Carey Ma said:

Hi guys, thanks for responding and your support but don't get too excited yet, we are still in the feasibility study and research stage so product won't be out for another two years at least. As for my kit. Well that is in negotiation but it looks promising for next spring. I simply have too many things on my plate and hope this winter would give me time to sort things out and be more productive and helpful to our cause next year.


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