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Has anyone ever used the 5 gal reusable bottles from Primo water for a system? They have a list of the process they use to filter on the website. They also have a water quality report. These are the links.

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Are you asking about using the containers or the water?

Haha the water, sorry didnt realize I said it like that.

Any particular reason you would want to use bottled water?

Seems like it would cost a lot to me.

The reason I thought of using this water is because I was having trouble finding out exactly which water supply is in my apartment. I know there are resources that tell what is in the municipal water supply but I was having trouble figuring out the actual supply coming to my apartment. Sounds weird but I think my apartment gets a different supply than most of the city because of the location. Anyways it looks like this wont be a problem because I spoke to the leasing office and figured everything out. Thanks for the help.

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