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Can someone tell me the best medium to use if I decide to take one of my plants out of the aquaponic system and make it a houseplant?

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If the plant is going to be in a container with no connection ever again to the aquaponics system, you probably need to give it a good potting mix since any gravel or aquaponic type media isn't going to hold enough moisture or nutrition to provide for the plant not getting the constant automatic watering.
I'm assuming that you would need to give plenty of water until established?  I appreciate your answers. 
Yes plants pulled from aquaponics and put into soil do need some extra coddling until they become established.  Plenty of water is good but you will also need to be careful not to waterlog the potting soil since lack of oxygen to the roots can also kill plants.

The best medium I have found is a self watering container with good soil.


Worm castings, and compost mixed with some coir is a way to have a great combo.

Earth boxes do the same, but this has worked awesome for me.

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