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My question pertains to controlling kh. I was given my set up last February and have learned from just reading and doing. Before summer, I was easily able to control my kh at 6 and ph at 7 with potassium bicarbonate and muriatic acid, a couple times per week with few tablespoons of each. Since temps have settled around the upper 90's I have had to adjust about every day using at least double of each; my last 2 pound bag of ph stabilizer lasted around 2 weeks. My other numbers were low or zero when checked a week ago. I have an IBC set up with aprox. 50 channel cats around 4-6 inches long, 1 drain and fill bed with river rock and 1 large plant of each: cantaloupe, squash, and cucumber. One half barrel raft system with 6 strawberry plants that are pretty much just filtering water at this point. We get a little rain but I am losing a few inches of water per week to evaporation and plant use. I use the API test kits and have checked against test strips.  Everything I've read says potassium bicarbonate is the way to go, however this is getting aggravating and expensive. Any suggestions?

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I did the KH thing for the first three months, plants didn’t seam to like it. My PH was 7.6 when I first started. Yes I had a few leeks and back siphon problems, then one day just because I could, I checked the PH on my tap water? Ph 7.6, its now down to 6.4-6.8, and so is my system water? The only thing I add to my system now is Epsom salts! My plants look a lot better for it, and the fish don’t mind it at all. Its good for any plants that I have used so far, Nate Storey, recommended it, I am expecting a bumper crop this year,

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