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I am new here but I need the advice of experts! I am wanting to build a huge "koi pond" that is decorative where I can grow tilapia and an AP system but I want it to be like a swimming hole that my dog and I can swim in for physical therapy and fun! 

IS THIS POSSIBLE? or am I asking too much? Any suggestions? I want to have my tilapia and eat them too! 

Thanks so much!

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It's doable but what are the laws governing the raising of Tilapia. In N.H. they are considered an invasive species and you have to be licensed. For 20.00/yr I can raise them for my own use or give away dead. I can't give any live fish. There are other licenses for the sale of live fish. You may want to check with your fish and game dept. They can also connect you with knowledgeable people for further insight of your venture.

Tilapia want warm water. That means huge heating bills in the winter if it gets cold. Where are you located?

I am located in Atlanta, GA.

Putting fish into a natural swimming pool might will cause the sediment in the bottom of your pool to be stirred, which will create murkier water conditions. Also, with a natural swimming pool you usually try to limit your nutrient input as much as possible because it promotes algae. So making a natural pool out of your aquaponic system may not make for the best good looking water, but other than that I don't see why not.

Just a thought. The biggest problem I see with using a swimming pool for an aquaponics system is the shear volume of water. The normal thing for this is to have a volume of water to fish at 1 to 1. The biggest problem is for a system for a swimming pool that is a normal pool, if you had a reasonable fish load to the pool to make it practical it is likely you would have to have beds that would take up a enormous amount of space. As far as the dog, my Pyrenees female waits around the fish tank and when I throw feed into the tank for the fish, she gets up on edge of tank and eats the feed off the surface of the tank before the fish can get it.

I am sure she would go in to swim, but not sure I would. It is very clear, but the thought of swimming in it for me would be a no deal. I suggest if you decide to do it would be to not drink the cool aid. Now Savannah has already showed me she has no problem with it.

Now a large KOI Pond would be more manageable, Just remember the 1 liter of fish to 1 liter of beds. Now ask  Sylvia about peeponics!! LOL.

Natural pools consist of swimming pond and filter pond. Put the fish in the filter pond and make sure they dont go to your swim area. If you keep the level of water in the filter area just 2 inches deep then you have a huge biosand filter that will make your swim area ultra clean. In fact if you do it right you can drink the water from your swim area.

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