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Hi folks,

I have been givien permission to use a pond for Aquaponics. I need a lot of help from you all. How do I pump the water into the grow beds? Do I do it like I would a normal fish tank or sump tank? Can I do without a sump tank? I would like to make it as simple as I can using bell siphons for the grow bed.

Is there some where I read up on how to pump water out of the pond? I am afraid, the pond bottom might be muddy and all I would be doing is cleaning the pump every single day.Or worst still clog the grow beds with silt and slime. Thank you kindly for any tips you can offer.

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Well Anne,

   Perhaps more time watching the Grandson will give you more time for research and planning and ideas for the aquaponics so maybe not such a bad thing to postpone for a while

Hehehe, how about I post him to you and you watch him? Now that's an idea. He's a good lil fella but can be a handful at times. Yes, I think I will put the pond on the back burner till we figure something out.

How old is he?  Children love to help wash gravel.  Though I'm not always sure that helping is how the adults would always describe it.

Oh no not he, he'll eat them! Everything looks eatable to him. My grand daughter who is going on 5 loves to help, akoponics. I have a small set up in the living room and she loves to feed the fish. I went out to-day and bought a few more things that I'll need to set up the system in the rented garden. Coincidently we have had a long dry spell and the owner is a bit uncomfortable when he saw my 300 gallon tank and another 150 gallon tank, lol. Have made my Bell Siphons and bought both gravel and Leca now to drill holes in the grow bed and I am good to go. Oh yes, electrical points are not up yet, knew there was something I missed. Sigh

Well you explain to the owner that by doing aquaponics you are actually saving water as it would be relative to doing simple aquariums or watering a lawn or dirt garden.

Thank you, yes I'll do that. Speaking of which, it rained here last night, lol. God must love jokes

Rain is a good thing, I'm excited to collect rain water here.

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