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Hallo guys.

New to the forum, but I´ve to try an idea. Being a Koi-ponder I would like to convert my greenhouse into an Aquaponic-system. Tired of carrying dirt in and out, virus and  watering-system.

So here is my plan; 3200G pond with Koi as heart, airlifts taking care of the water- transportation, a vortex to separate the heavy stuff,  moving bed bio-filters with Kaldness and air, stainless steel micro screen,  channels with rafts for plants, air-hoses under the rafts to avoid root rot. The filters and most of the beds will be covered with stone and concrete slabs. The whole system will rest during winter, though to the harsh weather. Just cover the pond with Styrofoam and some air underneath.

What do you think? Just darned stupid or???

Questions: If I have to add potassium, iron or magnesia, how do the koi react?

How much will heat influence my system? During summer I´ll have 95F inside the house!

How do you cool a Aquaponic-system beside the normal ways with big windows, doors, agro shade and fans? An extra 6" pipe underneath the greenhouse, which you can open when need cooling?

Just give me some good advice. Usually I´ve sweet pepper, chilli, tomatoes, cucumbers, iceberg, etc. Grapes, peaches, apricots are there all the time as trees.


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Hallo again. A while since. Right now I´m at the end of my construction. Next weekend fish and pots. Jiha!


I visited an aquaponic farm in Michigan last year that uses Koi. Pretty nice setup but can't remember the name of the place.

Final result. The system is up and running, though I´ve had some problems with minerals and slow start and slow working bios. Learning learning


Nice setup. Looks like you put in a lot of work. I'm sure you thought about it but you cheated yourself of raised grow beds. As long as you're eliminating all those other bad things about soil gardening they would make sense lol.  I just started gardening 3 years ago just because I heard about aquaponics. I never gardened before because of all the reasons that got you into it.

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