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This is a pretty interesting documentary. Vary well put together and worth the time to watch.

I doesn't really address aquapopnics but it does have a lot to say about today's food industry and how it has evolved into the mess it is now.

The question is how many people are willing to pay more for their food knowing it is better for them and the land that produces it?

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I am very lucky in regards to competition. My main dilemma is that I have to spend time educating people (perspective customers) as to what I do and how it makes their food better. Once they understand, they are more likely to become my customers even though my stuff cost as much as four times the price of mass produced, supermarket equivalents.

I do no advertising and visitors are all recommended by current customers (friends of friends). At present one out of three people that visit become CSA members. Last year we increased our membership from four hundred plus people to over seven hundred in November. Next year looks very promising.

In fact, China farmers and companies have such a bad reputation that many of my clients are glad to have found one of the only sources of safe food, that I am overwhelmed with proposals to take over land and management of farms all over China. Anyone care to join me?

I agree about the education Carey. We sell systems and have to explain what AP is and why it's better. Always well received though.

Maybe you can be China's Minister of Agriculture???



Not even if I renounce my US citizenship...which I'd never do.

Was Don Quixote brave or stupid? What happens if a juggler drops a chainsaw?

I'm feeling kind of exposed. I could only wish for a team of qualified and experienced of operators like yourself. Then I might have a chance to carve out a small empire. But that's not my focus either. America is never going to really change. Things are already set and fossilized. Here, things are still fresh enough and dynamic enough to turn around to do the right thing. I'd be happy if history gives me some small little credit to show a better way of life while feeding everyone. I'm hoping the reward is that the Chinese will stay here instead of invading Africa or America, which will be known as The Big Release.

You can think of it as a backwash of Capitalism. The "Doors" (to China) opened in 79. Now Capitalism is festering. Once the bubble bursts, a tidal wave of more than one point four Billion people will be let loose to go where they can.

Great documentary!!! It is nice to see one that focuses on positive stories and offers some solutions to the “faster, bigger, cheaper” approach of food production.

Carey, if the Bank of f*****g Americans has their way and finally takes my farm away from me I will be very tempted to come and help.

Bravo.  Very inspiring.  Thank you.

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