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I am back!  I could not stay away :)  now I am setting an IBC system.  Even the syphons are great when they work, I would like to do something that I know would work all the time.  I have two questions:

1. Did any of you setup a pump with a timer?  I heard that "too many offs and ons " will cause the pump to go bad.

2. Also, my GB would be 47in (L)  X  47in (W)  X 12in (H), would one small whole at the bottom of a stand pipe be enough to drain.

3. with the stand pipe being in place, does the sump tank have to be strait down, or would the draining flow be able to handle couple of 90 degrees elbows to take the water to a sump tank that is not directly under the GB?




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1.  1 tank, six beds. 1 timer. 1 indexing valve, 1 pump.  My first pump lasted 2 1/2 years with cycles on 10 mins, off 1 min.  Now, it's on 10 mins, off 2 1/2 hours.

2.  I've gone to a tiny hole in the standpipe.  Fills faster but takes longer to drain.

3.  No problem at all.  Gravity will take care of it.

good luck

Hello George,

How the index valve works, do you set it to water one GB at a time?  how big is your Sump tank?  How big are the GB's.  I just want to size my ST properly.  What do you recommend for an index valve?  brand? price range?  thanks

I am assuming you drain the beds with small drain pipe or with a hole in the stand pipe?  can you advice.  thanks


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