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I am having a hard time finding specifics on pluming....
Every one seems to use different kinds, and sizes,of pipes. All differ going to and from various areas...grow beds, fish tanks, spiral filters, sumps, I feel like I need a map, :). A plummers blue print would be a dream.
Is there a stranded rule to go by?

I am currently running flood and drain system on a timer, with 1/2 inch black tubing to flood and drain, and 3/4 as an overflow. Both going back to a 175 gal ibc sump.
The system has 4-2x2x12" 3-3x3x6" grow media beds and 1- 125gal floating bed.
I have been running the system hydro with flora nova nutrients. ( as I acquired the system for a deal from some one that could not take it when moving)

My daughter bought me 25 talapia for x-mas and they are quickly growing out of the 60 gal tank I have them in.

As the system did not have a fish tank, i saved up for one.
It's a 330 IBC cut down to 275. I have water in it and am trying to bring it to temp.

I want to re plum the Grow beds to bell syphons and add a spiral filter.

Thoughts and discussions on how to best plum this system, or systems in general . would be greatly appreciated.

What configuration,size pipes, where and why.

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Hi Cheri I in the proses of setting my first system up too and all the things I'm finding is confusing at best. I'm trying not to over think it to much as the concept is strait forward. I think (key word) to have overflow drains bigger than the intake lines. I'm coming from my sump tank with 1” lines with a valve to adjust flow into beds. I have 11/2 inch lines to drain from my fish tank into a swirl filter then into a bio-filter then dropping back into the sump. My bell syphons will have ¾ stand pipe for draining. I will have a 2 inch pipe returning to the sump between the ¾ inch pipe and the 2inch pipe will be an inch or two this is called an air gap so it will not mess-up the drain of the bell syphon. I have been finding that two 45 degree fittings to turn a 90 degree turn will make for a better flow inside the pipe making your pump not work so hard. This is what I have come with, I may be off but this is the fun part of the system. Our mistakes are the true learning benefits of life. Good luck and dive in and play plumber.

PS draw a map of what you want to do then think what it would do and try it don't glue the fittings and if it don't work take it apart and do over. Just have fun Tony

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