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I have cut 3 IBC tanks in half to make six gravel beds and would like to plumb them into my existing system. I will be using an indexing valve. I would appreciate any recommendations for pipe sizing for in and out flow through the IBCs


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That will depend on the pump you will be using to drive the indexing valve and what size indexing valve you get.  For the lower pressure/flow the 1 1/4" valve seems to be the best choice but you still need enough flow/pressure to operate the valve.

So for the flow into those beds, you will either use 1" pipe with the 1" valve or 1 1/4" pipe with the 1 1/4" valve or 1 1/2" pipe with the 1 1/2" valve.

For the drains, well individual stand pipe drains should probably be 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" and if you combine them into a single drain line, go for at least 3" on the drain line or maybe bigger if all six beds will share a drain line or if it is going to be a long distance.

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