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Hi there,

Has anyone been successful getting a secure seal plumbing through 17 mil pond liner? We bought a billboard tarp (unused) and dug a trench underground to plumb the pond gravity feed to our new high tunnel hoop house. but the fitting leaks and we have no expertise in types of glue or methods.

Can anyone with this type of experience help us? I hate to toss this liner and go with EPDM.

Thank you.

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What is it exactly that you're trying to seal? Is the pipe simply going through the liner and that's it? Or is there wood or something involved?

Did you use a bulkhead fitting? It should come with a gasket.

Yes we have a bulkhead fitting and gasket.

Hi Zita,

Where did you place the Gasket, on the water or the dry side of the liner? Is the gasket against the flange or nut?

I like using uniseals. They're simpler and less expensive than bulkhead fittings. But I'm not sure whether or not they're applicable in your setup or not.

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