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Hello I am looking for info and ideas to design my first  aquaponics system.

I have a 4'x 8'x 18" tank with some kind of black whatever on fiberglass, plant nursery used it for a display .. they had fish and plants in it.
Then I have 2 black liners that are 4'x4'x 10" they have a small run over spout they probably are used in making waterfalls for ponds. I also have a 27 gallon rubbermaid tub that I could use as a sump.
I am thinking of making the 4'x8'x18" a raft tank with prawns under the rafts of lettuce/basil. Then run that into the 4'x4'x10" tanks one after another with big net pots filled with compost and coco coir for tomatoes eggplant etc... the water will run continuously with the pots just sitting a few inches in. I was thinking of gettting a 275 gallon tote ( a 275 gallon cube , food grade ,used once for olive oil) for the fish tank .

But I am not sure how to hook it all up together. ??????? the fish tank will be taller than the 18 inch tank which will be off the ground about 4 inches on a giant pallet.I can post picures of the components I am talking about tommorow.

Will a 275 gallon tote  fish tank work with the other pieces I already have ?

Will that be a good ratio of fish tank to grow area?

Do I need a tank that has gravel or hydroton to have more surfaces for the bacteria to grow or is the sides of the raft tank sufficient ?






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So I am at a crossroad .... I am using the tanks I have until I can add to the system . So the

big  4'x8'x18" is the fish tank and the 2

 4'x4'x10"are going to be continuous flow gravel beds for now ......

Here 's  the problem  ... I don't like pumping straight out of the fish tank .... I am afraid of  springing a leak somewhere and draining the fish tank accidentally............... so what can I do . and will it involve drilling a hole in my fish tank? make a sump ?

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