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My name is Karla and I am currently a graduate student at UCLA doing research on the aquaponics industry for my master's thesis. I have read through all the forums, but I still need a little more info on the market. Please help a graduate student out by taking a minute to complete the following short survey:

I understand the aversion to clicking on links, so in case you were wondering, "qualtrics" is a highly reputable survey platform and there are no risks in clicking the above link. Feel free to Google "qualtrics" if you have any doubts. Thank you very much for those who take the time to do the survey!

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You might want to take a gander at your spelling on that survey of yours..

Um, I just have a small system that I'm starting up. Which is many going to be geared towards growing and breading tilapia fish the first couple of years. Most of those questions are applying that you have been doing it for a while, so I can't really answer all of those questions on your survey since I'm new here but, I have been keeping pet fish, turtles for around 17 years. Most of the stuff I know comes form looking and reading about other people system.

Yeah, the numbering might be a little off too. I didn't see a #2.  I'm in the same boat with WaterFish22, aquaponics is more of  a hobby for me. I would be interested in what you are researching. Does UCLA do much work with aquaponics or is it more of a study on economics in aquaponics? Good Luck!

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