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So many pumps, so little time.  Do I need a water pump, pond pump, or a sump pump?  Do I need a float switch?  How many GPH do I need for a 330 gal IBC with two plant beds?  Harbor Freight has great deals, but are they worth it?

Any advice would be helpful.


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Keep reading is my advice.  You could pump continuously to both beds using siphons to drain back to your tank, assuming your tank is the low point.  You could also drain to a sump, pump to your tank and overflow to your beds.  The more beds you have, the more you need either a sump or an indexing valve to keep the water in your tank from fluctuating too much.  The more fish you have, the more filtering you will need.  

I use a Quiet One 4000 (50 watts or so) with a 400 gallon tank.

Good luck.

I love my harbor freight pumps, I have many of them. Only one has failed in 3 years of continuous use and it was a 2350 gph pump for my pond waterfall

 Hi Rob, I have used the pond/fountain pumps they are designed to be run for long periods of time. Sump pumps and bilge pumps are not designed to be run all the time and I have heard of them failing after a couple of months. I have used a 1600 Lph a pump for my system with two beds and 130 gallon  fish tank and I have to turn it down. I used a stronger pump because I pump to a height of 7 feet to fill my verticle towers. You could use a smaller pump it depends on the height and distance of your plant beds. Before I installed my towers I was using a1000Lph pump and it was plenty. I use timers to turn my pump on during the day and off at night. Also It is a good idea to run a small 2.5 watt or bigger airpump 24/7 for your fish tank. I have heard good things about the quiet one 4000 pump. I have a few videos on youtube if you want to see my system Its under "Aceman307"

Cool stuff, Mark.  

Check out the Teslonian Man sometime. 

I have subbed him and been watching his videos for awhile now. He is into everything, cool stuff for sure.
George said:

Cool stuff, Mark.  

Check out the Teslonian Man sometime. 

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